ClassicLine body safety shower with pull rod diversion, above door installation, exposed pipework

  • shower arm ¾“ made of brass, chemical resistant powder coated, projection 625 mm
  • wall flange ¾” made of brass, chemical resistant powder coated, water inlet ¾” female
  • ball valve ¾“ made of stainless steel, DIN-DVGW tested and certificated, with pull rod angle-diversion and wall bracket, length 500 mm, optional left or right of the door mountable
  • pull rod made of steel, chemical resistant powder coated, length 700 mm
  • holder for pull rod made of brass, chemical resistant powder coated
  • high-performance shower head made of chemical resistant plastics, with improved spray pattern, corrosion resistant, largely scale and maintenance-free, very robust, self-draining
  • integrated automatic flow regulation 50 l/min. for a spray pattern acc. to the norms at a specified operating range of 1.5 to 3 bar dynamic water pressure
  • sign for body safety shower according to DIN 4844-2-D and BGV A8, self-adhesive 150 x 150 mm
  • installation height 2 335 mm (+/- 100 mm)
  • according to DIN EN 15154-1:2006
  • according to DIN 12899-3:2009 and ANSI Z358.1-2009
  • DIN-DVGW tested and certificated


Article-No.: BRU088085